vMobiLearn Solution

vMobiLearn is the original Mobile Enterprise Application (MEAP) software solution (light red in the picture below) enabling course developers and training administrators to provide full quality video and interactive courses to mobile users. Content is available even if learners are not connected to the Internet. Learners can use video or any other digital content and take quizzes. The results are available to any LMS for measurement and correlation.

The vMobiLearn App is a native App solution allowing for consistent user experiences, faster video display and always available to the user even without connection to the Internet. vMobiLearn is different to Portal solutions, which are available from most LMS suppliers and have all the inherent issues with web service. vMobiLearn meets inter-operability requirements of different Learning Management Systems (LMS) and mobile devices to ensure ease of implementation with existing infrastructure of the Enterprise. vMobiLearn solves IT issues such as bandwidth, sync and security directly. The vLearning Server ensures management of the users, devices and content.

Our strength is reaching the targeted learner at the point of need even without access to the Internet. This solution leverages the enterprise communication infrastructure lowering the cost of training. vMobiLearn ensures tracking of metrics with Experience API (xAPI or Tin Can) solution, that measures outcomes and performance levels among all of the employees. vMobiLearn seamlessly integrates the current enterprise network, Learning Management Systems (LMS) and mobile devices.

vMobiLearn enables corporate, educational and government enterprises to realize an increase in learner base penetration, while reducing cost of operations by using vMobiLearn. Learners benefit by having access to accountable video training in mobile devices, anywhere they happen to be and anytime they are ready to have an effective learning experience, thus accelerating the learning curve. Download “Why vMobiLearn!” white paper for more information.