Performance Support

vMobiLearn extends and enhances your learning framework

Each Learning & Development (L&D) department invests a lot of time and money on content and delivery for their learners. Vistacast wants the L&D department to get the most out of that investment. L&D spending includes the design, creation, and delivery of courses and many support materials.

One way to do that is to make the learning last longer and be available when it is most needed. L&D tries many ways to accomplish this but how effective are they?

It is well documented that what we learn in formal training is quickly forgotten if not applied, reinforced, or available on a regular basis. So where is it when it is actually needed?

L&D spends dollars on performance support tools whether they are notebooks, job aides, primers, practice decks, etc. The department has even created sophisticated web sites and portals for the employees, customers, and clients.

But, is the material there when they absolutely need to have it? Is it readily available at that moment of need? Is it used?? How often? How much did all of those performance support tools cost?

Is the content needed at the “point of action” or the moment of need” easily accessible? What if there is no connection? Or the connection is weak or inconsistent? Does the user have a good experience? Are they rescued at their most critical moment?

Vistacast’s Performance Support tools bring the learning to life, they create confidence for the learner through “always there” availability. They provide a better user experience with clearly better results in productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Is your L&D department providing critical updates to their mobile devices? Is it asking for feedback? Is your L&D department getting all it can out of the invested training dollar?

What about usage information? Was the information used? Was it used frequently? These are just a few of the questions that can be answered by the metrics associated with the users and content.

Why not think of Performance Support differently, as an extension of the Learning Framework? Learning that is continuous and takes place long after the classroom experience.

With vMobiLearn your L&D group can make all your information available at your employees fingertips. Ready when they need it the most. No waiting for the information, as it is already there and available. This matters for video, no waiting, no buffering, no hesitation.

It is time to think about Performance Support in a new way, a way that brings life and usefulness to it rather than just having it “there”.

Let Vistacast create a bookshelf in an App for your L&D department. It will be filled with materials you’ve already created, used as part of your programs and courses, and provided as reference and support.

The big difference . . . Vistacast will make it more usable, more mobile and completely measurable. Further, you’ll be able to easily update and let your company’s employees know there is something they need to see.

Imagine the L&D job aids, assessments, forms and templates, simulations, reference and reinforcement materials repurposed for an easy to use, always available tool.

vMobiLearn solution extends the learning framework, it is there at the moment of need, and it provides performance support, as you’ve never seen it before. It allows your L&D department to close the loop on learning, gathering information about usage that can establish an ROI.